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EasyBiz - Loyalty Cards Management

Who has good sense for business swipe.

Loyalty system based on magnetic cards.

Easybiz POS is a centralized modular platform, thought to manage loyalty campaigns. The system manage bonus campaigns, prepaid credit, in option has many modules, like market analysis and CRM management (direct mailing, e-mailing, SMS, advertising, etc.

Customers that subscribe to loyalty campaigns will have access to a dedicated web site, containing information about accumulated bonuses, list of purchases, take a look at gift's catalogue and redeem bonus points.


  • Manage bonus campaigns
  • Manage gifts/awards
  • Manage customers
  • Manage transactions of each POS terminal
  • Manage transactions of each customer
  • Manage each terminal of Point of Sale
  • Manage statistic's indexes and view graphics
  • Manage marketing campaigns (newsletter, SMS-advertising, direct mailing, ...)
  • Redeem awards
  • Check your bonus status


Decision to use a loyalty system like EasyBIZ POS ® means to choose many advantages, instead of any other similar system, let's understand why.
The natural consequence of a new loyalty system integrated inside your shop's network is to increase the sales, but is to estimate carefully which are the real benefits. Many systems focus on “accessories” like cards, flyers, gadgets, etc. With Easybiz POS® we want to give you more. EasyBiz distinguish from other systems in advanced management, in data mining and analysis, in easy-to-use interface and in data security. Consider to have a robust and secure loyalty system, that uses the most innovative technology. Mix all and you'll have a powerful management console for campaigns & marketing management.
To empower system's functionalities you can consider some important points:

  • Lower costs
  • Add value to the customer
  • Stable basic turnover
  • Create new basis to develop new brand loyalty
  • Optimize marketing tools
  • Create a transaction database (customer relational history)
  • Customize marketing rules


Customer's loyalty means understanding deeply customers. Means understand opportunities based on their habits and wishes. Knowledge of those informations can bring to a better feeling with the customer, offering a better service and products that fit his needs. In the loyalty process is very important to gain the trust of customers. The customer must completely trust in his supplier, and this can be reached considering all sales details. This is the reason why is important to adopt the correct tools.


If the company understand the customer, can invest better, pointing to on-line products and services, based on customer’s demand. Like one time shopkeepers did, modern and successful companies do:

  • speak with the customer calling them by name
  • predict their needs
  • pay attention how changes customer needs to modify/adapt their offer

Those companies changes their internal process to optimize customer relationship. Understanding the customer means also to have a bigger power decision. To manage in a good way a company is important to forecast future sales, and this can be done knowing what the customers will buy.


Today the competitiveness must be searched in Marketing. Promote articles, any kind of service at certain time and at defined prices. Nothing can be done without a forecast and analysis. The knowledge of sales it's essential to plan a simple or complex Marketing strategy.

Turnover increase
Increase frequency of purchases and the average amount of the bill. Increase customer satisfaction. Find user groups with higher purchase value.

Time to market (how to act in the supply chain)
Put the customer and the supplier in the centre of processes. Optimize the assets management. Key to market changes.

Plan the production of the right article, at the right price, in the right place, at the right time. Manage quickly the stock out in the warehouse.


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