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Card, Tags and Accessories

Card, Tags and Accessories

Why is necessary buying card accessories?

Companies often did not buy them, considering as a waste of money. 
In fact these accessories offer several advantages: simplify the use of cards, give a value-added to corporate identity and provide a greater security. 

In general is increasingly required for the identification credentials to be visible, just think of the construction yards, schools and businesses in general.

All organizations need ID cards.


In this section you can find:


  • Badge Holder in rigid and soft plastic, in leather or for special applications
  • Clips, snap-links ,reels, chains and straps in plastic, metal or leather
  • Racks, Slot punches and Hole punches
  • Exclusive grippers designed for chip card
  • Blank Cards, Coloured Cards and cleaning pens for magnetic readers or card printers