Following the changes and requests arising from the market, we would like to present a solution suitable for today's challenges. It is smart, secure and powerful.

This device allows an easy gate access control via web. You can set up and change all the configurations online by connecting to the integrated web server. It is very simple and user-friendly to manage remotely timetables, authorisations and the users by inserting names and permissions. Also the badges can be added or deactivated in order to control the situation in real-time.

The XIO controller can be applied in STAND ALONE configuration – making use of its integrated web server – for simple systems with just a few doors or devices to manage. It can also be used with great success for complex architectures, where more gates are forseen. In the second case, it is advisable to work with a control access software, like our GOPLANNER.

The X-I/O controller communicates in HTTPS protocol, apart from already well known HTTP and FTP protocols. The HTTPS guarantees the highest security and makes the controller GDPR compliant. Recently, the privacy and safety issues have gained on importance – also when hardware choice is considered.

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While X-I/O ensures the highest reliability, it remains easily applied and interfaced, since, the communications are based on standard protocols – no extra software integration is required.

X-I/O has a maximum configuration of up to 8 independent entrances and 16 devices. Its architecture is simple yet extremely versatile. It finds its applications for access control and time attendance.

Various devices may be controlled, based on the project's requirements:

  • RF reader with PIN – where the access must be validated with an RFID card and a PIN code

  • Xfinger or AX Bio – where biometric controls are required – even outdoors

  • RFID5 and RFID4 – for multitechnology control: Mifare, 125Khz, Desfire, Legic, Smart Bluetooth

  • FD-RALL – a perfect solution for time-attendance

  • NeoMAX for more sophisticated architectures

The device has its Ethernet 10/100 POE power supply. There is a possibility – with an additional POE+ module – to supply power to some of the devices connected by RS485 as well! Thanks to this function, the installations become much leaner.

We have had an opportunity to test the new X-I/O. Its advantages, just to mention: the use of HTTPS protocol – GDPR compliant; configuration and management easiness and above all, the possibility to manage up to 8 independent gates and 16 devices, make this controller suitable for any kind of simple and complex installations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!