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Free tickets to visit Sicurezza 2019 fair

October 29, 2019 3:12:14 PM CET

The staff of Infordata is pleased to invite you to attend the exhibition Sicurezza that will take place in Milan from November 13th to the 15th. You can visit us at booth G29-K30, Hall 7


The exhibition will give us the chance to introduce our new access control and facility management leading solutions.

TURNSTILESInfordata is the exclusive distributor of Perco turnstiles in Italy. We can offer any type of turnstile to meet customers multiple needs. At Sicurezza you will find the new multi-purpose TTD-10.

SECURE ISSUANCE - CARD PRINTERS AND CONSUMABLESInfordata has been operating in the secure issuance field since 1997. Such a long experience can guarantee a highly specialized consultancy about identification solutions through smart cards. Infordata sells a few million of cards and tags every year and is the official distributor of Zebra and Fargo card printers in Italy. Please check the new Zebra ZC350 at our booth! For more information, please check the link: infordatadealers.com

IT SECURITYAs a partner of Ultimaco, Infordata provides different solutions to guarantee a company its security based on HSM (Hardware Security Modules) devices, to manage applications related to strong authentication, blockchain, database encryption, digital signature, key injection, post-quantum crypto agility, PKI e random number generator (RNG).

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMSInfordata has been operating in the field of security and access control for more that 15 years and it distributes some of the best brands on the market: HID, Zucchetti Axess TMC, Assa Abloy, Magtek, IDTech. Infordata staff can find a solution for any customer need: from the simplest access control system to more complex and displaced systems interfaced with alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance and facility management. The new products during Sicurezza 2019 are the new RFID and BIOMETRIC access control terminals with HTTPS interface, the new GPTime app for access control via BLE, the automatic reception for visitors management and the latest generation stereoscopic camera for the people counting.

FACILITY MANAGEMENTInfordata offers solutions for facility management and workforce management. The GoPlannerFM software for Facility Management is based on integrated cloud platform and NFC tags. Besides the management of technical assistance and ticketing though latest generations tools, the very big news is the new platform Inventory RFID which helps the inventory management with RFID UHF tags and our SMART LOCKERS. For more information, please see:inventory-rfid.com

SISTEMI PER LA GESTIONE HRInfordata's leading product is the Time and Attendance and Workforce Planning platform GoPlannerTIME . You will find different time and attendance devices at our booth and we will show you also the GoPlanner app, the platform GoPlannerACCESS and GoPlannerTime. For more information please see the page: gestionepresenze.cloud

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Zebra ceases the production of ZXP series

February 22, 2019 3:15:20 PM CET

New year – new printers

The Zebra, UK-based provider of card and label printers – the leader on the market – has decided to replace their well-known ZXP1 and ZXP3 by the new ZC series with three new models: ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350.

Compact design, simplicity and efficiency are the main advantages of the new printers.

What's new?

  • plug and play installation,

  • LED/LCD display and an innovative driver offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface,

  • redesigned hopper for an easier charging and discharging of cards,

  • self-adjusting card feeder – for all card thicknesses,

  • an innovative door-handle cartrige gripe -  you will have no doubt on how to insert the ribbon correctly.


The new printers can be connected wireless, drivers for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple are provided on default. Zebra offers a two-year, limitless warranty for the printer and printhead.

How to choose your printer?

ZC100: single-side printer perfect for sporadical use. It is the smallest of the family – it fits everywhere. It replaces the old ZXP1 – check our comparison guide for more details

ZC300: Single or dual-side printer. It is the perfect solution in terms of quality-price ratio. It replaces the old ZXP3 – check our comparison guide for more details

For those of you who would like to bring the dye-sublimation thermal printing into the highest level, we have the EXCLUSIVE model:

ZC350: Single or dual-side printer. It's the fastest in its category and offers various encoding options. For this model Zebra offers dedicated ribbons to obtain special finishings – watch the video.



Do you have a ZXP1 or a ZXP3 and would like to replace it? Until 31 may 2019 Zebra reserves a tradeUP offer – don't miss it!

We will continue to supply our customers with the ribbons and spare parts related for all Zebra printers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and price details at commerciale@infordata.it. 

Product page: https://en.infordatadealers.com/products/card-printers/zebra-card-printers/stampanti-per-tessere-zebra-serie-zc.html

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Following the changes and requests arising from the market, we would like to present a solution suitable for today's challenges. It is smart, secure and powerful.

This device allows an easy gate access control via web. You can set up and change all the configurations online by connecting to the integrated web server. It is very simple and user-friendly to manage remotely timetables, authorisations and the users by inserting names and permissions. Also the badges can be added or deactivated in order to control the situation in real-time.

The XIO controller can be applied in STAND ALONE configuration – making use of its integrated web server – for simple systems with just a few doors or devices to manage. It can also be used with great success for complex architectures, where more gates are forseen. In the second case, it is advisable to work with a control access software, like our GOPLANNER.

The X-I/O controller communicates in HTTPS protocol, apart from already well known HTTP and FTP protocols. The HTTPS guarantees the highest security and makes the controller GDPR compliant. Recently, the privacy and safety issues have gained on importance – also when hardware choice is considered.

Immagine correlata

While X-I/O ensures the highest reliability, it remains easily applied and interfaced, since, the communications are based on standard protocols – no extra software integration is required.

X-I/O has a maximum configuration of up to 8 independent entrances and 16 devices. Its architecture is simple yet extremely versatile. It finds its applications for access control and time attendance.

Various devices may be controlled, based on the project's requirements:

  • RF reader with PIN – where the access must be validated with an RFID card and a PIN code

  • Xfinger or AX Bio – where biometric controls are required – even outdoors

  • RFID5 and RFID4 – for multitechnology control: Mifare, 125Khz, Desfire, Legic, Smart Bluetooth

  • FD-RALL – a perfect solution for time-attendance

  • NeoMAX for more sophisticated architectures

The device has its Ethernet 10/100 POE power supply. There is a possibility – with an additional POE+ module – to supply power to some of the devices connected by RS485 as well! Thanks to this function, the installations become much leaner.

We have had an opportunity to test the new X-I/O. Its advantages, just to mention: the use of HTTPS protocol – GDPR compliant; configuration and management easiness and above all, the possibility to manage up to 8 independent gates and 16 devices, make this controller suitable for any kind of simple and complex installations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

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We have a pleasure to announce that starting from February 2019 a new model of box tripod turnstiles made by PERCo is now available.

The device is a long awaited answer to the market requests. Thanks to its modular design, the TTD-10A turnstile will be the solution for many of your projects. This is a solid box tripod turnstile made of stainless steel AISI304, perfect for outdoor applications, equipped with an automatic antipanic function. TTD-10A

  • offers a possibility to easily install third party devices like: RFID, magnetic stripe, barcode and biometric readers, terminals, etc.

  • can already integrate various devices: coin acceptor, RFID, barcode reader, webcam, card capture, etc.


Furthermore the new turnstile follows the recent PERCo tendency to create products that are compliant with the latest security regulations. Its antipanic system allows to facilitate evacuation in case of emergency. Should the power supply drop, the turnstile arms fall automatically.

This device can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can consider it whenever access control or pedestrian flow must be managed: company entrances, events, public transportations or any other place where its modular structure and robust construction is necessary.

For all the further details please visit our website or contact us.


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Open all August!

July 31, 2017 4:51:48 PM CEST

Risultati immagini per work on holidaysInfordata will remain open all August: fight the summer heat, working in your cool office!

You can take advantage of:

  • the commercial department, that will offer many product promotions

  • the vast stocks in the warehouse

  • the technical support


The fresh offers are reserved to the following products:

KT-02, TTR-08 and TTD-08 turnstiles: 10% of discount off your price list

ZXP3 badge printer, base model: 725€ (884,50€ VAT), includes 1 licence Cardpresso CP1000

  • white RFID badges 125RO: 20% of discount off your price list

  • RFID key holders 125Ro or Mifare: 30% of discount off your price list

  • USB readers with keyboard emulation 125RO or Mifare

  • JVRrY-MlRn_lW4u8cUoS6w.png… and for all purchases over 150€, you will receive as a GIFT a Cooling Bag of Tescoma:


Have a good work or good holidays to everyone!


(*) The promotion is valid for orders made and dispatched from 1/8/2017 al 31/8/2017. The promotion is not applicable to price lists and special conventions.

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Happy New Year to all of our customers!

January 9, 2017 6:29:00 PM CET

Happy New Year to us: Infordata celebrates its 20th anniversary!

In 1997, many things have happened. Among them Bill Clinton starts his second term, the first episode of the Teletubbies is broadcasted, the sovereignty of Hong Kong goes back to China, Lady Diana Spencer dies in Pont de l'Alma, the Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars, Google is founded. For those who remember, the Schengen agreement enters into force, but in Italy we would still have the beloved lira. In 1997, among many events, history and politics related, a strong technological ferment could be felt, you could sense the beginning of a new era, that of communication.
Thanks to the Internet.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 20, 2016 4:49:23 PM CET

Christmas is around the corner and many things have changed. 2016 has brought us many new projects, highlighting a growing and solid relationship between us and our customers.

2016 showed that you count on us in the same exact way that we seek to take care of your every demand.

Thanks for sharing with us a successful year.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The staff of Infordata Sistemi

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The "O Card" (Opicina Card) - activated in the circuit of shops belonging to the Consorzio Centro in Via Insieme in Opicina - allows buyers to accumulate points that can later be converted to vouchers for use in all shops of Consorzio Centro. The target is to extend this Loyalty Card to other services for citizens, such as meal vouchers, involving as many companies as possible.

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Black Friday is around the corner and to celebrate this special day, we are offering to all of our clients, discount prices on a variety of products. The deadline for this offer is November 29th! For more info contact us.

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You can count on us during the vacations!

August 8, 2016 4:21:59 PM CEST

open for vacations


This year, differently from the past, we have decided to stay open throughout the month of August, in order to be 100% available to our clients.

For orders you can count on our warehouse with many products in stock and technical assistance in case of need.

While we wish all vacationers to relax & enjoy the vacations!

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